Router Login Default IP is the default login IP for many WiFi routers. It is a private IP address that is assigned to routers and is used to log in to router’s admin panel. URL // IP is pre-assigned as the default IP Gateway for many router brands such as Netgear, D-Link, TP-Link, Tenda, Cisco, Asus, Dell, Huawei etc. It is used to log in and manage the router by changing its settings.

How to Log in to Router via IP

When you insert the IP in the URL bar of the browser and hit Enter, it takes you to router login page. Here you use the login details to further log in. When you log in to your router using IP, you will reach the settings that you can change according to your requirements.

Here are the steps that you need to apply to log in to your router using URL// :

Make the Connection

Firstly, connect your router to the modem if it is not yet connected. This connection can be made using an Ethernet cable or you can choose to let them connect wirelessly. Verify the connection between these devices and go to the next step.

Power Up Devices

After you have established the connection between the router and modem, you should switch them on. Plug in the power cord of the modem first and using the Power button, turn it on. Ater that, plug in the extender and switch it on. The devices should boot up completely and connected to a non fluctuating power source.

Connect Computer to Network

Once the router is powered up completely, you should connect your computer to its network. You have two options to make this connection. One is by connecting to router’s WiFi using its SSID and WiFi password. The second one is to connect using a LAN cable.

Visit Router Login Page

Run an internet browser on your computer and type in the address field. Make sure that you are not typing the IP in the search bar. Hitting the Enter key will navigate you to the router login page.

Enter Admin Credentials

On the login page that opens up, key in the router admin details in the respective fields. Cross check the entrees and click on Log in. You will be logged in to your router using IP

Troubleshooting Router Login Issues

If you are facing issues while logging in to your router via URL //, then you should use the solutions that have been discussed below:

Check the Connections

The connection between the router and modem should be well intact. Examine the cables and ports in use. Also, make sure that your computer is connected to the router’s network and not using any other connection.

Mend the Browser

Update the internet browser that you are using to log in to your router using IP Try using different web browsers to log in. Also, clean the browser’s cache, cookies and browsing history to fix login issues.

Disable VPN or Firewall

VPN or firewall on your computer or laptop can affect the login process. If you have enabled these on your PC then disable them for some time and then try to log in using IP.

Check IP Entrée

Make sure that you are not making any typing mistakes while entering the IP in the address field of the browser. Double check the entrée and then hit the Enter key.

What if I Forget Admin Password?

If by any chance you have forgotten the router’s admin password and can’t log in then you should do this:

This way you can use IP to log in to your router and go to its settings and customize them as per your needs.

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