Admin Login – Router Login IP might look like a set of digits to you. But, it is more than that. To be very particular, it is an IP address that is used to access the web based management console or the BASIC Home screen of many wireless gateways (mostly routers). For your information, it is a private IP address and is used for router setup and configuration.

What is the Password for Router?

WiFi routers brought in by numerous brands are manageable with the help of the admin IP. Although the IP address is same, due to difference in their parent companies, routers possess different password. Below, we have given a few of them.

Netgear 2Wire Actiontec
Username: admin
Password: password
Username: admin
Password: admin
Username: admin
Password: admin
Asus Belkin Cisco
Username: admin
Password: admin
Username: admin
Password: password
Username: cisco
Password: cisco
D-Link Linksys Tenda
Username: admin
Password: blank
Username: admin
Password: admin
Username: admin
Password: admin

Apart from the brands mentioned above, WiFi routers brought in by Sonicwall, Sitecom, Planet, Repotec, Motorola, Siemens, TP-Link, ZTE, Zyxel, and Zoom also run on the IP address But, we want to bring a fact in the light that it is not important that all these routers will use this IP. A few of them will use IP.

How Do I Access My Router?

Go ahead with the steps mentioned below to access the router’s web-based dashboard if you own a WiFi router bankrolled by any of the brands given above.

  • Check your router’s connection with the respective modem first.
  • Switch on the router.
  • Get your hands on a network cable (Cat 6).
  • Run the cable from the router’s LAN port and the laptop’s Ethernet port.
  • Once done, open a web browser after switching on the laptop.
  • Type the router login IP there and press Enter.
How Do I Access My Router
  • The login page of the router will now make its way to your computer screen.
  • On the login page, input the password and username as per the product model you have.
  • Select Log in to reach the BASIC Home page of your router.

Note: You must know that the default admin info of your router is case-sensitive. Thus, be very careful while entering them. Incorrect details are likely to seize your access to the router’s dashboard.

Why is Not Opening?

Wrong IP Address

As we told earlier that different routers utilize different IP. Perhaps, your router runs on the IP. So, try using that instead of

Wrong Network

You need to understand that the IP address is only accessible if you are connected to your router. So either use the WiFi password or an Ethernet cable.

Network Errors

Network errors are the most common reasons stopping you from accessing the router's IP. Thus, you are suggested to reboot/restart your WiFi router.

No Internet Access

You might also not be able to access the router's IP in the lack a stable internet connection. So, examine all the internet-related factors and fix them.

Interruption from Antivirus

An antivirus program or software installed on PC can also halt access to IP addresses no matter even if you are trying to access the IP for your extender.

How to Find the Router IP?

There are chances that even after certain hits and trials, the router admin IP won’t work. It generally happens when it gets a different IP from the ISP. In that case, you are suggested to find the IP of your router through the computer’s Command Prompt. If you are not familiar with the steps to find that, read below:

  • Hardwire your computer and the router.
  • Open the Command Prompt of your computer.
  • Input the command, ipconfig/all and hit Enter.
  • You will see various results.
  • Note down the IP displayed adjacent to the Default Gateway field.

Use that IP address to access the web-based management panel of the router. Let us say, it is Consider using it to log in to the router.

How Do I Reset My Admin Password?

An individual might feel the need to reset the admin password of his/her router if the password is not opening the BASIC Home screen. If you are also looking for a way to reset the router password, you should take reference of these steps. FYI, resetting the admin password will require you to perform a factory default reset irrespective of the fact that the router uses or some other IP. There’s no other way to do that.

  • First of all, disconnect all devices from the router’s network.
  • Remove the Cat 6 cable connected to your WiFi devices.
  • The next step is to locate the Reset button on the router and push it.
  • Press the button using a pointed object and release it after 20 seconds.
  • Let the lights on the router become stable.

Note: Resetting the router will revert it to the default factory settings. It means you have to set it up once again using the default IP address.

Answers to Common Questions []

1. Can I access WiFi router from my phone?

Yes, it is possible to manage a WiFi router from the phone using an updated browser. Some routers also have special apps programmed for their management.

2. Where do I find router login password?

The router’s admin password is generally mentioned on the product’s label. You can also take the help of the help guide of your router for the same.

3. Is the router login password as same as the WiFi password?

No, both are different passwords. The router login password corresponds to the admin page whereas the WiFi password belongs to the router’s network.

4. Does every router have its own password?

Yes, every WiFi router has its own admin password. For some, it is “password”, for some routers, it is “admin” whereas some routers don’t have any admin password.

5. Where can you find the router’s network name and password?

The router’s network name and password is written on its label. You can check the same by accessing the wireless settings of the router through the login IP.

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