What is Admin Login IP?

Are you an owner of a WiFi router? Yes? Well, are you aware of its default IP address? Is it or For your information, you can find the IP address of your router by accessing the ipconfigall command on the Command Prompt of your computer. The IP written beside the Default Gateway option will be your router’s IP address. However, your computer is supposed to be hardwired to your computer. If the router’s IP is the second one, you are suggested to access it to reach the management panel of the router and make some changes or set it up. – Login Admin Steps

In this section, we will discuss the steps to log in to your WiFi router. However, before all that, connect your computer to the WiFi network of the router. You can also go with the wired connection between devices.

Step 1: Open a Web Browser Step 2: Type the IP Address Step 3: Reach the Login Page
On the computer, load Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome can also be chosen to access the admin IP of the router. You must navigate to the address bar a.k.a. the URL bar and type the IP address there without any mistakes. The login page of the router will automatically show up on the screen once you press the Enter key after verifying the address.

On the login page of your WiFi router, you have to input the default username and password (unless customized) and select the option to complete the login process. But, keep in the mind that the username and password are case-sensitive no matter whether you have changed them or not. Thus, be very careful while inputting them.

What is the Default Username and Password?

A majority of WiFi routers run on the password value “password” and the username value “admin”. Thus, you should try using these details. This is for your general information that the password value is admin or blank in some cases. Thus, do not forget trying these values no matter if your router has IP address.

Note: Forget about the hit and trial method! You can easily find the default admin username and password on the label of the product you own. The user manual will be always there to rescue you if you can’t find them on the label. Admin Setup Instructions

Many users purchase WiFi routers and 70 percent of them are not aware of the steps to use the IP to make their routers functional. Are you also one of them? If yes, this section can help you a lot. The steps given here will make you learn the art of setting up the router via the setup IP in a few simple steps. Read them very carefully. Admin Setup

  • Connect your WiFi router and modem with the help of a Cat6 cable (well-working).
  • Once done with the connection process, switch on the router, and then the modem.
  • Turn on the computer and connect it to the router.
  • After that, load an internet browser and enter the IP address.
  • Upon pressing Enter, you will be taken to the login portal where you have to use the default admin details (mentioned in the previous section).
  • As soon as you hit Log In, you will see the dashboard or the STATUS page of your router that provide you with a few on-screen instructions to complete the process. Not Working?

There are times when the IP address doesn’t work in the favor of the user. It happens when the circumstances are not favoring the IP assessment. In that scenario, giving a shot at the hacks mentioned below is suggested:

Use the Correct IP Update the Web Browser Restart the Router
Maybe you have used IP instead of Thus, you should cross-check the IP address and re-enter it to get successful.. Sometimes, users proceed with the login process without installing the latest version of the web browser on their PC. Thus, use an updated web browser. Did you consider technical glitches while troubleshooting? To get rid of them, it is suggested that you restart your WiFi router without any delay.

Quick Tip: You must know that if the IP address is not working even after numerous failed attempts, the only resort you are left with is the factory default reset. Perform factory reset of the router and reconfigure it.

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