– D-Link IP Address Login

The is default IP address that helps you to access the admin portal of D-Link router. FYI, this IP address supports various router models. Here, we have prepared a table that shows which router models support this IP. Also, we’ve given the username and password that corresponds to the IP for easy device management. If you own any of these models and want to access its admin portal, just follow the instructions we have provided below. Read on!

IP Address For Multiple Models

Model No: DSR-1000

Username: admin
Password: admin

Model No: DSR-1000N

Username: –
Password: admin

Model No: DSR-250N

Username: randomly generated
Password: admin

Model No: DSR-500

Username: admin
Password: –

Model No: DSR-500N

Username: admin1
Password: admin1

Model No: EBR-2310

Username: admin
Password: –

Model No: DIR-820L

Username: –
Password: admin

Model No: DIR-822

Username: admin
Password: 1234 | Log In Requirements

Here is the list that contains all the important requirements that you need during accessing the IP address. | Log In Requirements
  • Well working wall outlet.
  • Good and stable internet connection from internet service provider.
  • Quality Ethernet cable.
  • A device like a computer, laptop and mobile.
  • Update internet browser.
  • Default admin details (Username & Password).

These are the things that you need to get prepared to access the default IP address of your router successfully. FYI, the prerequisites will remain the same if you are trying to access the IP address for a Netgear router. | Log In Instructions

Step: 1 Connect Router Network

  • To start, connect your router WiFi to your computer, laptop, or mobile device using either an Ethernet cable or wireless connection.
  • Make sure the connection is secure to avoid any network problems when accessing
    Note: Do not make the loose connection between the router and computer. Otherwise you may face the network issue while accessing the IP address.
  • Once the connection is established, you can move on to the next step. | Log In - Connect Router Network

Step: 2 Open the Web Browser

  • The next step of the procedure is open the updated internet browser in the device that you are using to access
  • You can go with any one of these, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Step: 3 Access the IP Address | Log In - Access the IP Address
  • Now, type the IP address “” into the address bar of your browser.
  • This IP address is the default gateway for most D-Link routers.
    Note: Be careful not make any typing mistakes like typing or 192.168.10.I, as this could lead to accessing an unknown page or being unable to reach the IP address.
  • Press the Enter key to proceed and access the D-Link router’s login portal.

Step: 4 Log In to Router

  • You will now see the login portal of your D-Link router.
  • Enter the default login credentials for your device.
  • If you have changed the admin details after the initial setup, use those updated details here.
  • Once you’ve entered the login credentials, click on the “Login” or “Submit” button.
  • If the credentials are correct, you will be redirected to the D-Link router’s settings page.
  • Please wait patiently for the login page to load.

Step: 5 Dashboard of D-Link Router

  • Once you have accessed the router settings page, you can modify various settings and configurations according to your needs.
  • Explore the different sections and options available to configure your D-Link router.
  • Common settings include wireless network setup, security settings, port forwarding, and firmware upgrades.

That’s it; in this manner you can access the default IP address in a hassle free manner. | Log In - Dashboard of D-Link Router

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