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Like, the is also an IP address i.e. a set of digits that is used to communicate with a particular networking device over the internet. WiFi routers from Comcast and Telkom can be accessed and managed through this very IP address. Your inability to access this IP address can stop you from making changes to the home network settings. To address the problem, we have prepared a troubleshooting guide.

Troubleshooting: Unable to Access Login IP

Reason Solution
You have not connected your computer to the router’s WiFi network. Connect your computer to the WiFi network of the router you want to access through the IP address. In case you have a spare Ethernet cable available, use it to connect your devices.
The IP address has been entered incorrectly You can fail to access the login IP if you have used the search bar of the browser. You can do this only via the address bar. This will only work if you have used the correct IP.
You did not update the web browser The user is supposed to use an updated web browser to access web or IP addresses. Thus, you must get the web browser in use (Chrome, Edge, etc.) updated via its Settings section.
The internet connection is poor There are chances that the connection between your WiFi router and modem is weak. Check the Ethernet cable connecting them. Ensure that it is free of all kinds of damages.
Antivirus application is active on PC Antivirus stops the user from making way to the dashboard of a router through the admin address. To fix the issue, it is recommended that you disable antivirus temporarily.

How to Access Admin IP?

After following the solutions mentioned above, you will be able to eradicate issues emerging while accessing the login IP. But, we want to be 100% sure that you complete the process effortlessly. Here are the steps that will help you do that:

Step 1: Connect PC and Router
Start the process by joining your PC with the WiFi network of the router (Comcast or Telkom; whatever you own). The Network and Internet settings of the PC will help you with that. You can choose the wired connection method too. But, be very sure that you are using a cable free of damages.
Step 2: Access the IP on Browser
Now, you are advised to load an upgraded internet browser on the PC and navigate to its address bar. After that, input the IP there and press the Enter key to reach the router’s admin page. Remember that the Telkom or Comcast login page won’t open if the IP is entered mistakenly.

The process of accessing the login IP ends here. With that, the final step to reach the administrative dashboard of the router also needs to be taken. To unlock the access to the same, you are required to input the username and password. So, enter the correct value and proceed to reach the Status page of the router you own.

Note: The default values for username and password may be “admin” and “admin” respectively. However, if the password does not work, you should try the value “password”. But, make sure that you enter these details very carefully. They are case-sensitive.

How to Change Username and Password?

It is advised that you change the default values of the user name and password of the router no matter whether is from Comcast or from Telkom. The reason being, unauthorized users are able to break down into the settings of your router using the default login credentials. The steps mentioned below will teach you the process to change the login password through the IP address:

  • Access the login IP on a PC connected to your WiFi router or gateway.
  • Upon logging in using the default username and password, you will reach the Status page.
  • From there, you have to choose the tab that allows you to manage the admin settings.
  • Locate the Username and Password option and key in the values that you want to give.
  • Save the changes to make them effective.
change router login Password

We thing we have discussed enough about the IP address. To be honest, there’s just a slight difference in the process of accessing various IP addresses. The rest of the process remains the same. It is now expected that the IP has started working for you and you are having a great experience using the router.

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